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      1. Welcome to YANTAI RUNHENG FOOD CO.,LTD ! Tel:0535-7701369 Add to | Contact us | Message online | 中文 | EN


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        Yantai Runheng Food co., LTD., founded in 2012, with a registered capital of 5,000,000, mainly produces canned baked fruit, canned cherry fruit, cherry fruit filling, strawberry fruit filling and other canned products, constantly meeting the diverse needs of customers.Over the past 7 years, our company has developed into a professional manufacturer of deep processing of canned fruits, which integrates r&d, production, sales and related supporting services.At present, the company has advanced production equipment, modern workshop and warehouse type standard workshop, the factory area of 5000 square meters, 20 managers, senior food research and development personnel 3, 50 front-line employees, can produce 3000 tons every year.

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        Office tel: 86-535-6710775

        Email: info@ytrunheng.com


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